Youth Outcome Document on Eliminating Girls and Women Sexual Health and Rights Vulnerabilities in Africa

The Youth outcome on eliminating girls and women sexual health and rights (SHR) vulnerabilities has gone through its first draft presentation, and we wait patiently for the next review. The two page document that was presented at the end of the youth sexuality institute pre-conference event will be used to advocate issues regarding young peoples’ sexual health and rights. Youth present at the presentation made inputs to the documents on areas they felt should be included in the document.

Here are some of the major points and contributions from young people at the conference on its content:

  • Youth in conflict areas should be a focus to ensure they continually have access to sexual health services
  • Include priority actions and recommendations from previous youth fora in the planning and budget allocation at all levels, as well as social protection services for marginalized families, adolescents and most affected young people
  • Government should be asked specifically to provide youth friendly centres that provide SHR services
  • The importance of youth leadership in addressing violence against women and girls should be recognized
  • Child marriage and Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) should be a specific focus when addressing harmful practices against women
  • Abolishment of laws and policies that reinforce Sexual and Reproductive Health vulnerabilities for girls and women, and ensure implementation of the programs that respond to the elimination of armful traditional practices.

As we await the next draft of the outcome document, we ask you, what would you like to include in the document on eliminating girls and women SHR vulnerabilities in Africa?

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